Conceptual Photoshoot: Where Am I?

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This is my first conceptual photoshoot with fairytale concept. I realised that the creative process in making it into real requires more preparations in pre-production (research, location survey, model, outfit etc) and also in post-production stage (Photoshop skills). But I like it! That is what I love in making my imagination into reality.

The title of Where Am I came out after I did the first photoshoot with a model in Sai Kung country park. Then I wanted to create a mini series of an Angel who comes into the world and meet with a Devil.

I took another photoshoot with another model who acted as the Devil in the 2nd round of the photoshoots.

However, I realised that it requires another photoshoot to complete the whole story that I want to create. I will complete it later sometime this year.

Concept/Photographer/Retoucher: Andi Andreas

Models: Ina and Vella

MUA: Zeny Aulia Hasan

Gears: Canon 5D Mark 3 with Canon 50mm f1.2L and Canon 24-70mm f2.8L | Profoto B1 heads with Deep Umbrella and Octabox

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Hi, I'm Hong Kong based photographer who loves shooting street and portrait photography. You can license my photographs on Getty Images.

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