Tips for Night Street Photography with Film

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As I’m continuing to learn shooting with film, I’ve found that choosing the right film for the light condition you’re gonna shoot is very important.

For example when I’m shooting at night, I found that the film with ISO 800 is giving better result as compared to film with ISO 400.

I know it’s basic stuff in photograpy, but it’s really important when shooting with film considering it’s worth of money every frame you take.

For these photos below, I used Fujifilm Venus 800 with the exposure setting: Aperture f/1.5 or f/2 and Shutter speed 1/50seconds.

As the depth of filed is very shallow, it can easily out of focus for snap style shoots. It’s better to giving more time for observation and then adjust the focus before pressing the shutter button.

These photos taken with Contax iia and Zeiss 50mm f1.5 lens in Causeway Bay Hong Kong.

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Hi, I'm Hong Kong based photographer who loves shooting street and portrait photography. You can license my photographs on Getty Images.

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