Photoshop Tutorial: How to Match Skin Tones in Photoshop

When I attended Joe McNally’s workshop a few years ago in Hong Kong, He said that Light has 3 characters, Intensity (hard light/soft light), Angle and Color (Cool/Warm).

This principle applies when you’re taking photos outdoor with flash/strobes, in which probably you will find a mismatch color issue with the light comes out from your flash against the ambient light which will cause uneven color on the skin tone of your subject.

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Lightroom Tutorial: How To Create HDR Image in Lightroom CC

What is HDR? HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technique of digital photo processing by combining several photos of the same object with different exposures (underexposed, normal and overexposed) to produce an image that have more detailed information on the shadow, highlight and midtone areas. HDR technique is generally applicable on shooting landscape / cityscape […]

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