Andi took me places no one would go to as a tourist. As cliche as it sounds, he did take me to the real Hong Kong. Places you would never think of, Andi takes you there. And as an added bonus he will teach you […]

Leo Robelto Constante

Andi took me to places in Hong Kong off the main tourist trail. His excellent local knowledge meant that I was able to capture some exceptional images of places in Hong Kong that I otherwise would not have done on my own. He has great […]

Jonathan Brennan

Andi helped me out tremendously when I contacted him last minute before travelling to Hong Kong. I’m a profesionnal photographer and I contacted him for good locations in Hong Kong. He was already booked on a tour but he shared awesome spots with detailed directions […]

Noah Webb

Hi Andi, It was nice to meet you. Thanks so much for today. Tinn, Photographer Enthusiast from Thailand