Jonathan Brennan

Andi took me to places in Hong Kong off the main tourist trail. His excellent local knowledge meant that I was able to capture some exceptional images of places in Hong Kong that I otherwise would not have done on my own. He has great technical expertise and he gave me a wealth of advice so I could get the best results from my camera. Andi is very creative and he helped me to compose a number of original images that will leave me with lasting memories of my time in ‘Asia’s World City’. Spending an afternoon with him has taught me to look beyond the obvious ‘postcard’ images and to find scenes to capture that show the detail of a place or tell a story. I cannot wait to put into practice what I have learned from him when I get home.

Jonathan Brennan, London – UK

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Hi, I'm Hong Kong based photographer who loves shooting street and portrait photography. You can license my photographs on Getty Images.