Leo Robelto Constante

Andi took me places no one would go to as a tourist. As cliche as it sounds, he did take me to the real Hong Kong. Places you would never think of, Andi takes you there. And as an added bonus he will teach you the nice tricks about using your camera so that once you hit the shutter and look at the screen, you have that perfect photo of Hong Kong you have always dreamed of. Andi is a wonderful person. His tours are not to be missed. You will not regret this and I’m sure it will provide you with an incredible experience in one of the most incredible cities there is. Thank you Andi, if I ever return to Hong Kong I would do this tour all over again.

Leo Robelto Constante, Architect, New York – USA

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Hi, I'm Hong Kong based photographer who loves shooting street and portrait photography. You can license my photographs on Getty Images.